Mail A Postcard From Prague

This page is no longer functional. But if you really want to send a postcard from Prague then visit: send Postcard from Prague

Reasons You Want To Mail Somebody A Postcard From Prague:

  • You find pleasure in surprising people. Sending someone a postcard from Prague will surprise them.
  • You want someone to think you are in Prague (eg. your boss, a nagging x, your parole officer, the bill collector).
  • You are sad and need to cheer yourself up by sending yourself a postcard.
  • You just visited Prague and forgot to send your mother a postcard.
  • You like this website and want to show your appreciation by sending it money.

Whatever Your Reason, It Is Easy To Mail A Postcard From Prague:

  1. Select a postcard below
  2. Write a message and provide receipients address
  3. Pay $4.00 via PayPal

Facinating Facts About The Postcard You Will Be Mailing

  • The postcard was purchased in Prague for approximately 25 cents.
  • The postcard will be sent via regular mail with a Czech postage stamp that cost 1 dollar.
  • The postcard will be handwritten in blue or black ink. I consider myself a neat writer.
  • There is no mention of this website on the postcard.
  • Every postcard ordered generates a profit for this website of $2.75 (not including the 10 minutes of labor required to write the card). To see how much money this website has made from mailing postcards please visit the revenue streams page
  • The postcard will be sent within 24 hours of payment received.
  • Why postcards?...find out why this website is mailing postcards.

To mail a postcard please follow these 3 easy steps:

STEP 1 - Choose a Postcard

Charles Brdige Postcard

Charles Bridge At Sunrise

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge In Winter

Charles Bridge

Old Town Evening

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge And Castle

STEP 2 - Write Message and Receipients Address

Your Email Address:
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Write A Message For The Postcard

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Enter Postcard's Recipients Postal Address
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The street and specifically the house on the street?
Atleast a town or a villiage. Where do you go to pay your parking tickets.
If you do not know country, are you sure you need a postcard?
Postal Code:
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I need to know whether you passed grade 1 math class
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