What Is This Website's Carbon Footprint

Time was when you could plop down a smoke bellowing factory and start producing widgets.  The dark cloud of smoke was seen as a sign of production and progress.  Times have changed.  Now you need to consider the environment. Pollution is not cool.  Everybody is looking at your smoke stack and asking: how much pollution are you producing, can you reduce it, are the widgets worth the damage you are causing?

Websites Leave A Carbon Footprint

Websites are no different.  Although you cannot see the dirty smoke stack, it is there.  A factory somewhere is polluting the air to produce the energy required for your website.  You are using electricity to maintain your website, your visitors are using electricity to view your website.  How much pollution are you producing, can you reduce it, is your website worth the damage you are causing? 

Calculation Parameters for This Site.
Visitors per Month: 8000
Visitors Average Time on Site: 2 Minutes 20 Seconds
Visitors Using Desktops: 4000
Visitors Using Laptops: 4000
My Time Spent on Computer: 14 Hours (h) per Week
My Computer Type: laptop

This Site's Electricity And Pollution Summary
Consumed by KiloWatts (kW)Cost ($) CO2 Emmisions (kg) KiloWatts (kW)Cost ($)CO2 Emmisions (kg)
ME 3 0 2 34 4 24
Visitors 39 5 28 467 56 336
  • The US national average of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour is used to calculate cost.
  • The US national average of .72 kilograms of CO2 emisions for every kilowatt-hour.
  • Estimate of 50 watts-hour for laptops and 200 watts-hour for desktops.
  • Based on 2008 laptop vs. desktop computer sales, it is assumed that 50% of visitors have laptops.
  • All numbers are rounded to nearest whole number.
  • Statistical data used for calculations is from www.epa.gov.

Facts About This Site's Electricity Consumption And Pollution:

If I shut this site down then I would be saving electricity, money and the planet.

  • Every month this site consumes enough electricity to light a standard 60W light bulb for 694 hours 48 minutes 53 seconds.
  • Every month this site consumes enough electricity to light 695 standard 60W light bulbs for 1 hour; or 3,787 energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Every month this site consumes enough electricity to run a modern high efficiency dryer for 8 minutes 20 seconds. Yes, dryers consume that much energy!
  • Every year this site produces the same amount of CO2 emisions as 0.1 passenger vehicles.
  • Every year this site produces the same amount of CO2 emisions as 14 propane cylinders used for home barbeques.
  • This site consumes the same amount of electricity a year as 0.05 average homes.
  • It will take 9 tree seedlings growning for 10 years to absorb the CO2 produced by this site every month.
  • 269 pounds (122 kilograms) of waste will need to be recycled instead of being sent to the landfill to offset this site's yearly greenhouse gas emissions.

How Big Is Your Site's Carbon Footprint?

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