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  • This graph shows total revenue earned a week. It takes the last 7 days revenue and compares it with past weeks weekly revenues. Ideally the graph should slope upwards - which means that this website makes more money a week than it use to.

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Revenue (money made). It is a great word. It means money in your pocket. Revenue should make you happy. But the truth is that at the beginning you will be disappointed by your website revenue.

Of course, after you publish your website and receive that first dime you will be ecstatic. You made a dime on the internet. When you created a website, published it, put advertising on it – revenue was a possibility but then you receive that first dime and possibility turns to reality.

After your first dime your expectations will skyrocket. Unfortunately that will be the cause of your future misery – high expectations. The first dime comes easy, the problem is getting lots and lots of dimes on a regular basis.

You Increase Revenue By Increasing Traffic

This website is a content based website. This website provides content to visitors in the hopes that while they are reading the content some of the visitors click on the advertisements. If you are reading this website then you also want to make money with a content based website. You want people to visit your website and click on your advertisements and buy your products. You are visiting this website because you want to know how to get revenue from a website.

It's easy to get lots of revenue from a website – simply get lots of visitors and the revenue will follow.

The more people that visit your website the more people will click on the ads. It is a numbers game – the more visitors the higher the revenue. Seems simple, but that’s the rub. Getting more visitors is the hard part.

Building your website is easy. It doesn’t matter if you do not khow how to build it, you can hire somebody to build it for you. Writing content for your website is not difficult either. Either you write it or you hire somebody to write it for you.

The hard part is getting traffic for your site. Regardless of the wild offers out there – 1000’s of visitors for $9.99 – nobody is going to get traffic for you. It is something you need to do yourself. There is no secret recipe, no magic formula, no step-by-step process that generates visitors. You need to find your own way how to get visitors to your site. You need to convince people to visit your website instead of the 100’s of others that you are competing against. Nobody is going to tell or sell you how to do it – if they really knew how to gets lots of visitors then they would build their own website. Nobody is going to tell you or sell you a working strategy for guessing lottery numbers, why would they – they could make more money by winning the lottery themselves.

Making Money Takes Time

Just because you build a website does not mean visitors will come. You have to work hard to get them to come and it takes time. Lots of time.

Take this website for example, as of this writing this website has been live for over 500 days and still it receives only about 100 visitors a day.

And if getting traffic takes time, so does making a substantial revenue. At the beginning, the first year or two, your revenue will be depressing. 0, 1 or 2 dollars a day is sad, especially considering all the work you put into the website. The revenue is a sour point and it is what causes most people to quite.

At the beginning expect revenue to be low. Expect it so that you are not surprised by it. Expect it so that you do not end up like most new webmasters and quit at the beginning. Expect revenue to take time.

Is “Making Money Takes Time” Just An Excuse

What is the difference between “making money takes time” and failure. What if after 10 years your website is still making $1 a day? Should you keep saying to yourself, “revenue takes time”? 10 years is a long time and if you are still making only 1 dollar a day then maybe you should reanalyze your strategy. But even after 10 years if you still believe in your website then keep going – do not quit. There is no right or wrong amount of time for success to come. Success comes through the back door when you least expect it.

The problem is that you will hear stories of people making thousands of dollars in weeks or months. This will discourage you and make you think you are doing something wrong. But what you do not hear in these stories is the years of work it took before they became successful. Rarely do they mention all the agony and failure and doubt they had before they became a success. You only hear about the current success – about the years and years of 1 a day revenue there is silence.

Forget about everybody else's success. Believe in your website and just keep going. Ignore your revenue. Success takes time – look at any successful person's history and you will see how at one time they were just like you. They became a success because they believed in what they were doing and did not give up.

“Making money takes time” is not an excuse for failure. It is the truth. Nobody, except lottery winners become successful overnight. Movie stars started by doing cheesy local commercials, big shot business men started with a paper route, guru bloggers with thousands of daily visitors started with a 'hello world' website. Everybody starts at the beginning and slowly progresses through disappointment and failure. Successful people are the ones that believe in what they are doing and don't quit.

Avoid Focusing on Your Website's Revenue

Due to the nature of this website, I need to check my revenue everyday. But I strongly recommend that you do not focus on your revenue for the first few months. Your focus should be on creating a quality and useful website. Focus on making your visitors happy. Happy visitors will come back and they will tell their friends.

By making a quality website your are making a little snowball that you can roll down a hill. Starting at the top the snowball will be small, but as it rolls down the hill it will get bigger and bigger. At some point it will be big enough to roll on its own, pick up speed, and grow into an avalanche. Do not worry about revenue while you are packing the snowball in your hands, it will only distract. Create quality content, keep your website up to date, market, and be informed – the money comes later.

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