Revenue Streams - Ways This Website Makes Money

If you want to make money with a website you need to provide something the visitor wants. A website is a business, the visitors are clients.

There are two main types of business – service and product. Some businesses provide a service (auto mechanic, lawyer, painter), while others provide a product (McDonalds, Walmart, Ford).

There are two main ways a website can make money.  A website can make money by providing a service or a product. This website provides both. It is a content based website providing information to the visitor. This website gathers information about itself and as a service provides the information to the visitor in a simple and easy to understand format. The visitor can take the information and apply it to their own site.

This website provides products. Visitors who want to have their own website can purchase The Website Starter Kit which includes a complete working website and 200 page ebook.

If you want to make money with a website you need to decide what kind of website you want to have. Will it provide a service, a product or both?

A Brief Description Of How This Website Makes Money

Revenue streams - the more you have the better.

Way 1- Advertising Revenue

This website is a content based website. Visitors come to gather information. Most of the visitors have a specific interest and need – this is called a targeted audience. Advertisers love targeted audiences because it is easy to sell to them because you know what the visitors are looking for. So I have ads on this website targeted towards people who are interested in making money online. My visitors want to make money online, my advertisers have solutions for them. When my visitors click on the ads I get paid by the advertisers.

Way 2 - Products And Services

The typical visitor to this website wants to make money online - most likely with a website. Some of the visitors have started while others are thinking about starting. I created a product for visitors who want to make money with a website but do not know how to start. By buying the Website Starter Kit they will get a completed website (they just need to add content) and an informative 200 page ebook describing how to use the website to make money online.  My visitors have a problem, this website sells them a product that solves that problem.

This website also provides a service.  As a service this website will mail a postcard. A visitor fills out a form, pays 4 dollars, and three days later somebody will receive a handwritten postcard in their mailbox. The service provided by this website is taking a postcard, writing a message and depositing it into a mailbox. True, this service is not targeted towards visitors looking to make money with a website, but it does provide a simple example of providing a online service.

Way 3- Product Affiliate Sales

Being an affiliate is a simple concept. Somebody else makes a product and you sell it. They take care of all the difficult stuff: creating the product, delivering it to the customer, providing support etc. Your only task is to send visitors to their website with the intent to purchase the product. It sounds easy but it is not. The problem is that as an affiliate you have a lot of competition – lots of people are trying to sell the same thing.  So you need to do a really good job of convincing your visitors to buy the product.  The rewards are great – usually 50% of the total cost of the product.

This website sells affiliate products targeted at people who want to make money online. The affiliate products are ones that I personally recommend and that fill the need I cannot provide with this website and my product. My Website Starter Kit is for those that want to create a website. The affiliate products are for those that want a website but do not want to get involved with the technical aspects of creating a website.

Other affiliate products I recommend are the web hosting company that I use because they provide an excellent price/product and Amazon which supplies the books I read to learn about the website business.  By combining my own product with the affiliate products I can provide for most of my visitors' needs.

Ways This Website Makes Money - Revenue Streams

Revenue Streams Details For MAR 07, 2013
StreamTypeStatusAmount% Total
Total$3321.58 100%
Amazon affiliate enabled $14.70 0%
WorldForWebsites affiliate enabled $906.06 27%
Prague Air Jar product enabled $11.00 0%
Prague Postcards product enabled $36.00 1%
Website Starter Kit product enabled $248.00 7%
Website Ads Advertising enabled $2105.82 63%

Which Way Makes The Most Money?

Revenue Streams
  • Chart shows only currently active (enabled) revenue sources.

How Much Money Does Each Way Make A Day?

Revenue Streams
  • This graph shows all revenue sources. Both enabled and disabled.
  • In parenthesis: e=enabled, d=disabled
  • In parenthesis: number=days enabled

How Much Money Does Each Way Earn For Every 1000 Visitors?

Earnings per every 1000 Visitors
  • For every 1000 visitors that view this website, how much money does each revenue stream generate? This is an important number because it reveals which stream is the most valuable. Ideally each bar would be the same height meaning that each stream makes the same amount of money for every 1000 visitors. But this is very unlikely to be the case. Certain streams generate more money than others. Using this graph I can adjust the focus of the website. For example, if I know that the 'Website Starter Kit' makes the most money for every 1000 visitors then I will try to bring more attention to the 'Website Start Kit'. On the other hand, if I notice that the 'Amazon' stream makes little money compared to the others then I need to decide whether to get rid of it or try to drive more attention to it and increase its worth. The 1000 visitors have a limited amount of time to visit this site - it is better to draw their attention to the streams that have proven to make the most money and get rid of the streams that do not make money. I want all of the 1000 visitors to focus on the best money making stream and not waste their time on the poor performing streams.


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