How To Make A Website's Balance Sheet

Every proper business needs a balance sheet. This website is a business, so of course it has a balance sheet. Balance sheets are great for getting a snapshot of the business. With a quick glance and you can see how liquid the website is. How much debt is owed. What assets it has. And most importantly owner's equity.

For more information see my blog post A Webmaster's Balance Sheet.

Balance Sheet as of Mar 07, 2013
AssestsLiabilities and Equity
Total Assets3,724.42Total Liabilities3,724.42
Current AssestsCurrent Liabilites
Cash3,321.58Salary Owing22,350.00
Pre-Paid Hosting0.00
Pre-Paid Domain27.92
Sub Total3,349.50
Computer1,500.00Owners Equity-18,625.58
Sub Total1,725.00
Less Amortization
Sub Total1,350.08
  • All values are calculated on a daily basis.
  • For amortization the life expectency values are: Computer 5 years, Table 10 years, Chair 10 years.
  • Wages owing are based on a $25/hour salary. Wages Owing = Total Hours Worked 894 * 25. These wages are owed to me - the only employee.

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