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Update March 2017

I gave my heart to this website from Jan 1 2009 to March 7 2013 - just a little over 4 years. There were good times and also some bad times as you will see when you read through the site. Although I no longer update this website I will leave it up because I believe my experience can teach you a lot about making your own website/blog. I hope it will teach you as much as it taught me about the world of website building and marketing - although the website is old the lessons are eternal (nothing has been changed on the site except I have removed the advertising). I have progressed on to other websites but this one will always be my special friend because it proved to me that it is possible to make money. I wish you the best of luck!

Since I don't update this site anymore somebody else could make better use of it - this website is for sale. Contact me of you are interested. But don't bother if your offer is less than $5000 USD - this site has a novel's worth of content and gets hundreds of keyword relevent visitors a day.

This Website Answers the Question:

How Much Money Can You Make With A Website?

This website is a no nonsense, no hype, honest account of how it makes money online. Most web sites about 'making money online' are just trying to sell you something without giving you any real information - pages are stuffed with claims about how you can become rich with 'quick' and 'easy' methods. Of course there are no fast and easy ways of making money– making money online is no different than making money offline – it takes time and work is required.

Even with all the 'get rich quick' websites out there it is very hard for a beginner to find an honest answer to the question - how do websites make money?

This website is just the facts. It attempts to make money by: Advertising, Affiliate Sales and Product Sales – the most common methods of making money online with a website. All the results are posted using tables, graphs and commentary.

This website does not just show you how much money it is making, but also how much work it was to make the money. All claims about what makes the most money and how much work is involved are backed by real data. Data that you can use to make your own conclusions.

Do websites make money?  Yes, this website proves that it is possible.  But it also proves that it is not quick or easy.  This should not be a surprise to anybody who is serious about having a successful long term online business.

How to Make Money With A Website - By Example

This site does not claim that it is easy to make money with a website - it claims that it is possible.  I knew almost nothing about websites when I started in January 2009.  But a lot has happened since then - the complete history of this website.  This website has gone through a trial by fire. It has been burnt a few times but not reduced to ashes.  Setbacks and disappointments are an education.

Everyday this website becomes better.  Everyday this website becomes better at helping you. 

Using itself as an example it answers the questions: how much money can be made, how long does it take and how much work is it?

This site was created so that you can see how websites make money, how long it takes to build a website, how long it takes to make money, how traffic increases over time, how the type of visitors change, why most people quit after around 5 months, why you need to make it to month 18.

Avoid this website's mistakes and follow its successes - you learn by example.

How Well Is This Website Doing

The first two years were slow. But after that things started to pick up quickly. Here is a graph showing monthly search engine visitors:

Organic Search Traffic Graph

Have a look at this Website Stats page to see more graphs about the progress of this website.

10 Rules This Website Must Obey:

  1. This website cannot claim that making money online is easy.
  2. There cannot be pictures of money. No images of dollar bills, no open potato sacks overflowing with coins, no pots of gold.
  3. No exclamation points. Ever.
  4. The sentence, ‘work from the comfort of your living room’ cannot be used.
  5. Money is not allowed to move. No fast money. No quick money.
  6. You must be allowed all the time you want. The following calls to action are not permitted: Act Now, Don’t Delay, Hurry Before its Gone, Limited Time Offer, One Time Offer, Only 2 Days Remaining.
  7. This website is not allowed to force you into action by placing the sentence, ‘Now It's Your Turn’ above a Pay Now button.
  8. This website is not allowed to break basic economic priciples. It cannot claim that you can make $5000 working 3 hours a week.
  9. This website cannot claim: 'I was just like you until I found the secret to making money online'. The word secret is not allowed.
  10. This website must not exaggerate how much it cares about you. It can provide you with information but it cannot claim to care about you or your well being. Are you rich or poor, happy or sad – this website does not care.

How To Make Your Own Website

Considering creating a website?  Before you make your website you need to know how to register a domain name and how to get website hosting

Scared of making your first website? Don't be.  Its not as hard as it seems.  Here is a tutorial that lets you make your first website in just a few minutes. 

Every webmaster must know atleast the basics of HTML and CSS.

Want to get started right away - here are the main steps to get started with your website today.

Of course, every website is different - your website will be different.   But by gathering information from this site your path becomes clearer.   This website is your crystal ball - it tells you what your future holds.

The Webmaster's Blog

The blog discusses the website from a webmaster's point of view - mine.  On the blog you get a glimpse of what it is like to be a webmaster.  What have I tried to make this website more money?  What has worked, what has not worked?  And if this website fails then the last post will be the best one, because it will reveal why.

This website can either sink or succeed.  Either way we both learn from it.


Is Making Money Online Easy Money?

From Childhood To Present - My Wage Per Hour Comparison Chart Comparing Money Earned Online and Offline

    • My weekly allowance was gratuitous.  Parents paid it only because I begged them to.
    • Drop in hourly wage as IT Specialist is because I moved from Canada to the Czech Republic.

Would you believe...

  • On average each visitor has earned me $0.01. (more)

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If this website has helped you, or if you believe in Karma, or most importantly if you want me to feel good:



My name is Roman and I want to provide you with an honest account of what it takes to make money with a website.

When I started this website in January 2009, I thought I would be rich by May.  I was wrong - really wrong. 

At the beginning I did not know anything about websites, SEO, blogs, and how long it takes to make money with a website.

Since then I have learned a lot. By revealing my journey I hope this website will help prepare you for yours .

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments and visit my Google+ page.